K9 of the MONTH

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January 2018 K9 of the Month – Kaycee

Kaycee the cockapoo takes the honor of being our first K9 of the month in 2018! She is an adorable pup who loves, more than anything, to sit on her grandma’s lap. While she enjoys a warm place to snuggle, she is not the. Read More

December 2017 K9 of the Month – Princess

For December 2017 – and in honor of our 5-year anniversary – we have chosen Princess the shih tzu for our Happy K9 of the Month! Princess has been coming to get beautified at our flagship Clifford location since our. Read More

November 2017 K9 of the Month – Athena

November 2017’s Happy K9 of the Month is the beautiful and lovable Athena! We love it when this adorable pup comes into the shop because she makes all of us smile with all her affection. Her favorite things include catching. Read More

October 2017 K9 of the Month – Katie

October 2017 K9 of the month is Katie Bowser! Katie is the sweetest 18 month old Golden Retriever you’ll ever meet. She loves to play fetch and play and with her toys. She even loves to play by herself and loves a good cuddle!!. Read More

September 2017 K9 of the Month – Emmet

The September K9 of the Month is Emmet the Saint Bernard Standard Poodle Mix. He is a large and extremely lovable boy who at one and a half years old weighs well over 100lbs. Emmet loves to go with his family to take the boat out. Read More

August 2017 K9 of the Month – Lloyd

August 2017 K9 of the month is Lloyd Garmadon! This handsome dog is a nine month old Aussie and is such a loving boy. Lloyd is named after a Lego and loves to give you his sweet puppy dog eyes. In his spare time he enjoys running. Read More

November 2016 K9 of the Month – Bear

November’s K9 of the month is Bear the Great Pyrenees! He is a 4 year old bundle of love who was rescued not too long ago, and has never met a stranger. He loves to go for walks around the property to keep an eye on things,. Read More

October 2016 K9 of the Month – Storm

October 2016 K9 of the month is Storm the Standard Poodle. She’s almost two years old and definitely loves a good spa day! Her favorite thing to do is play and retrieve the ball for mom and dad. Her least favorite thing is. Read More

September 2016 K9s of the Month – Jaz and Joy

September 2016 K9’s of the Month are Jaz & Joy! Jazz is 15 years old and is a Yorkshire Terrier. Her real name is sweet Bebe Jazmyn! Some of her favorite things is to do tricks for cookies. Jazz will play patty cake, sit,. Read More

August K9 of the Month – Daisy

Our August 2016 K9 of the Month is cute little Daisy!  Daisy is one and a half years old and is a Coton de Tuleur. One of her favorite things to do is play with her ball that she can get her treats out of; Ms. Daisy loves a. Read More