Deshed This Spring

Spring is here! For some dogs, the change in season means shedding season. Dogs that shed according to seasons have a thicker coat in the winter, and tend to lose that winter coat in the Spring to prepare for Summer. Often times, the amount of daylight will determine which coat is which, as winter days have shorter amounts of sunlight. Dogs without an undercoat or dogs with longer coats will shed less, and may have less of a hair problem. But at the end of the day, dogs shed, and how they shed is affected by the way they live.

You may dread shedding season, which means endless vacuuming, sweeping and lint brushing.  The best way to manage excessive shedding in dogs is to groom your pets frequently during shedding season, so you remove loose fur before it drops off. Here at Happy K9, we can help you manage the deshed process. Talk to your groomer to find a grooming routine that works best for your pet’s coat type.