Don’t Forget to Feed Me Pet Food Drive

Don’t Forget to Feed Me is a local organization dedicated to supplying pet food to local agencies in support of pet owners to ensure that all pets get fed. The organization was founded in 2009 and distributed over 1,000,000 pet meals in 2016 alone!

Happy K9 is a proud supporter of Don’t Forget to Feed Me and is joining their efforts to collect donated pet food at either of our two stores – Clifford or Camp Bowie.

The pet food drive runs from NOVEMBER 1st to NOVEMBER 23RD (Thanksgiving)

We are primarily looking for:

  • Bags of dry pet food
  • Canned pet food
  • Pet treats
  • Ziplock bags (used for portioning out food at the food bank)

Each donation enters you in to a chance to win a $50 HAPPY K9 GIFTCARD!

Stop by with your furry friend to help other furry friends in need!