September 2016 K9s of the Month – Jaz and Joy

JazJoySeptember 2016 K9’s of the Month are Jaz & Joy!

Jazz is 15 years old and is a Yorkshire Terrier. Her real name is sweet Bebe Jazmyn! Some of her favorite things is to do tricks for cookies. Jazz will play patty cake, sit, chase her tail, roll over, play dead, and dance like a ballerina for cookies!

Joy is 8 years old and also a Yorkshire Terrier! Her real name is Joy Meabeastie! Joy always greets you with a smile and a kiss, she is the sweetest thing ever! She will dance like a ballerina for treats as well, and when it’s time for dinner she loves to take one piece of food from the bowl to the rug and at piece by piece!

Jaz & Joy’s least favorite thing is having to go to bed because that means no more treats and cookies!