Essential Oils for Dogs

Happy K9 is proud to bring you an experienced, essential oils expert, Rachel Loth!  Rachel is a mom to five humans, three dogs, one horse, and a bearded dragon. Over the last eight years, Rachel had many opportunities to use her essential oils with her dogs, and she is so grateful to have a safe, natural toolkit right at her fingertips. Whether it’s an upset stomach, a booboo, or storm anxiety; essential oils have come through for them, time and time again!

Based on the oils used in Rachel’s home, and her work with veterinarians and thousands of happy customers, below are Rachel’s safety recommendations and her TOP FIVE essential oils for dogs.

Do Dogs Like Essential Oils?

In nature, animals like dogs and horses, will use their sense of smell to choose which plants to eat, when they need them for medicinal purposes. Isn’t that incredible?!  They are so intelligent, and made to know what they need.  We can ask our pets what they need, by offering them different oils to smell. Their sense of smell is so sensitive that you don’t even need to open the bottle. You can tell by their body language if they like or want the oil (licking, sniffing, coming to it) or do not (turning away, running, barking). I use this method when choosing an oil for something like calming or pain. Other times, I use oils that I know are best, such as when they have an upset stomach or a noticeable wound. Some dogs love all the oils and some are more picky, it just depends on their personality and needs.

But are the Oils Safe??

Yes!  Using essential oils for pets is a controversial topic – and for good reason. Nothing is more important than safety when choosing a product to use with our precious canine family members. There are a few simple things you need to know about using oils safely, and then you’ll find they are an incredible tool for taking care of your dog (and yourself!).

Safety Tips for Using Essential Oils on Your Pups:
◦ Quality and purity are the most important aspects. Never use cheap oils from the store or Amazon on your pets as 99% of them are synthetic, tampered with, low quality, and potentially dangerous or even deadly for your pet (and you).

◦ We only recommend doTERRA because they do more testing for purity and potency than any other company

◦ Always dilute the oils with a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil and always dilute more for smaller, older and pregnant dogs.

◦ Avoid the eyes, nose and genital areas

◦ Avoid using essential oils on puppies under 10 weeks of age

◦ Avoid regular use of these strong oils: Wintergreen, thyme, clove, cassia, camphor, and oregano.

◦ All of doTERRA’s oils are safe to diffuse but always leave a door open so your dog can leave if they choose to be away from the diffuser

Rachel’s Top 5 Oils for Dogs:

◦ Lavender
◦ Copaiba
◦ Balance blend
◦ Aromatouch blend
◦ Digestzen blend

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